Its insides are lined with love.

Amor is the chant that brings us home in our weekly service of One Mountain, Many Paths.


Every Sunday we gather at One Mountain from all over the globe to articulate a new story for a new humanity, deeply guided by Dr. Marc Gafni. We hold hands and we sing together: Amor, its insides are lined with love. It’s a verse from the Song of Solomon: 'Tocho ratzuf ahava'. Its insides are lined with love. Not figuratively, not metaphorically, not declaratively. Literally, its insides are lined with love. That’s the core First Principle, First Value. All of Reality is kissing each other in every second.  All of Reality is yearning to touch and connect. All of Reality desires to be intimate. 

Allurement, desire holds reality together and evolves. Love evolves until it becomes you, until it becomes me.



We invite YOU to sing with us! 

We are a Band of Outrageous Lovers, or what we love to call a Unique Self Symphony. Each of us is committed to playing the full wonder of our Unique Self Instrument and participating with full mind, heart, and passion in the evolution of love.

We are all invited and urgently called to participate in the evolution of love. Therefore we invite you to join our sacred practice of chant and... 


Record your very own unique version of Amor and add your voice to the Unique Self Symphony 

It is not about singing perfectly, it is about pouring your heart out into the world. You sing because you sing. You sing because you can’t not sing. Singing is not a contest in particular melodic… You sing with your soul. You sing with your essence. You sing uniquely. Your voice is unlike any other, so sing, chant, shout it out, cry it out.

Let us sing Amor together all over the world. Let our faces be seen. Let our voices be heard. Take your unique risk and send your recording to

We, all of us, would be madly delighted to hear your voice in the symphony of Amor.

Click here for some simple guidelines HOW TO RECORD and send your Amor to One Mountain, and join our Amor Symphony!


In the meantime... enjoy our communion singing Amor in the clips below: