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This page explains what we mean by the term lineage holder. 

What do we mean by lineage holder? 

CosmoErotic Humanism is a new story of value rooted in First Principles and First Values. Or, said differently, CosmoErotic Humanism is an articulation of First Principles and First Values embedded in a story a value.


CosmoErotic Humanism draws from the validated insights of all the great wisdom traditions, from the traditional period (pre modern), the modern period, and the postmodern period. CosmoErotic Humanism then weaves those validated insights into a new fabric, a new story of value.


This new story of value is rooted in a universal grammar of value. This universal grammar of value however is not homogenizing, it's not erasing of diversity. Rather, this is a universal grammar of value as a context for diversity. 


An entire group of students, each of them accomplished in their own right, in their own journeys, have gathered to study the texts and help formulate the tenets of CosmoErotic Humanism.


Those students are involved in direct study with the formulators of CosmoErotic Humanism, whether that's with Dr. Marc Gafni, Dr. Zachary Stein or Barbara Marx Hubbard or others, who are holding and developing this new lineage. 


When someone has mastered the core texts of CosmoErotic Humanism in some serious way, and is engaged in a serious practice in which they are committed to their own transformation from Homo sapiens to Homo amor: 

— to actually become and be the new human, and the new humanity, 

— to experience themselves as omniconsiderate for the sake of the whole, 

— to be intimate with past, present and future, 

— to be committed to the democratization of enlightenment which is the democratization of greatness, 

— to give their unique gift and their unique circle of intimacy and influence, 

— to play their instrument in the Unique Self Symphony. 


We call that person a lineage holder. 


That person is not only incarnating the new humanity and the new humanity, but is committed to sharing, to teaching, to disseminating this new story of value, rooted in First Values and First Principles.


In essence, we borrowed the term lineage holder from the great traditions themselves, and are now applying it to CosmoErotic Humanism, as new lineage.


However, unlike the old lineages, in which each one viewed itself as the only one, in which each one had a kind of world dominating agenda, CosmoErotic Humanism intends to be a context for diversity, a shared story in which we can all live, out of which a thousand stories can bloom. 



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