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Evolutionary Spirituality: Towards an Engaged Evolutionary Mysticism 

Episode IV: Towards an Evolutionary God
Part 2

Thursday December 8th at 10 am ET


Invitation from Dr. Marc Gafni:


The topic of my upcoming dialogue with Andrew is Towards an Evolutionary God. 


I thought this might be a time to celebrate the first meeting between Andrew and myself. The following is the description of this meeting as it appeared in EnlightenNext magazine, an excellent artifact created by Andrew and his students.


“Marc Gafni met Andrew Cohen through a mutual friend and student of Andrew’s in 2005. Andrew Cohen invited Marc Gafni to visit and teach in Andrew’s community to his senior students in Lenox, Massachusetts. Marc Gafni visited and taught and dialogued with Andrew Cohen in Fox Hollow several times. As a result of their shared interest in evolutionary spirituality, Marc and Andrew planned a teaching week and retreat in Israel together, which was hosted by Marc Gafni. This teaching week and weekend took place in late December 2005. During this period of time, this article was published in What is Enlightenment”.



Before we turn to the article below, allow me to frame the core question of our next dialogue [on October 6th].


The question is: Who and What and Where is the Evolutionary God?

  • Does the phrase Evolutionary God even make sense at all?

  • Why does Evolution not preclude  — or at least rob all significance from — the language of God?

  • How and why does Evolution deepen our God-relationship, both in terms of reverence, rapture, devotion and activism?


That is the topic of our dialogue.


This matters enormously.


It is only by re-entering into some sort of authentic relationship with the Evolutionary God, that we can respond to the Meta-Crisis of both catastrophic and existential risk.


I want to invite you personally — with full heart and soul — to join us in what I am sure will be — with God’s grace —  a  crucial, heart opening. Paradigm bending, and mind blowing evolutionary conversation. 


The writing below I did some years ago — emergent from one the first sets of conversations between Andrew and myself — is as good a context as any for our new conversation.


I can't wait — God willing, Goddess willing — to be with you.


This matters and is going to be a truly great conversation.


And we both look forward to your questions, inquiries and comments at the end of dialogue.

Love and honor,

Dr. Marc Gafni

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Join the next dialogue in this series

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Dr. Marc Gafni about Evolutionary Spirituality: The New Conscious Evolution is CosmoErotic Humanism

The new physical sciences, together with the shared truths of the interior sciences, tell us that natural selection is but, as the eminent biologist Lynn Margulis has put it, a sorting mechanism for what we call the deeper and wider Eros of evolution. Evolutionary Love, or Eros, is both the ground and the goal—the method and the destination—of this process.

At this moment in history, we have reached a new stage of Conscious Evolution. With that, we do not mean that evolution until now has been unconscious.

Evolution was always conscious. It is we who are becoming conscious of our identity as the leading edge of evolution itself.

We awaken as Conscious Evolution.        


We become aware of the entire evolutionary process that came before us—of which we are an expression—that is taking place in us, as us, and through us. We understand, not intellectually but as our core identity, that we are a unique expression of the Evolutionary Eros that allures and animates the evolutionary spiral of unfolding—from no-thing to matter to life to the depths of the self-reflective human mind.

The core insight of the interior and exterior sciences, expressed as Conscious Evolution, is the realization that evolution is love in action. The New Human and the New Humanity become aware of this truth and its implications—personally and collectively. To awaken to Conscious Evolution is to realize that you are not merely Homo sapiens. You are Homo amor—the LoveIntelligence of Reality disclosed personally as you.

The emergence of Conscious Evolution is itself an expression of the Evolution of Love. For it is Love, or Eros, which drives the whole process. The Evolution of Love is the direction of Kosmos, the hidden impulse of the Evolutionary Eros moving toward ever-more good, true, and beautiful expressions of its own nature. It is the impulse of our very own lives.

From quarks to culture, there is a narrative arc to Kosmos. There is a pattern etched on the walls of spacetime—and each of us is a unique expression of that pattern.

All of Reality is personal. We are personally intended, recognized, chosen, love-adored, desired, and needed by the entire process of evolution itself. Each of us is a personal face of the evolutionary impulse—the CosmoErotic Universe in person. That is the truth of what we might call the great New Story of CosmoErotic Humanism.

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Andrew Cohen about Evolutionary Spirituality: Evolutionary Enlightenment

Andrew Cohen has been working with an evolutionary principle and framework for spiritual enlightenment for most of his 36-year teaching career. In that time, he has forged an entirely new path and practice of awakening that he calls Evolutionary Enlightenment – a path which unfolds uniquely within a developmental context.


Traditional millennia-old Buddhist and Vedanta teachings tell us that the fundamental nature of reality is that there is only one, and that one is found in the bliss of timeless Being – the realisation of non-duality as pure Being is enlightenment. But the ancients didn’t know what we know today: that we are all participating in a developmental process that had a beginning in time and is going somewhere new.


Like the cosmos and the biological world, our own consciousness is evolving – and the extraordinary truth that we discover when we begin to look deeply enough is that enlightenment is evolving too. It is no longer found only in the bliss of timeless Being; it is found also in the ecstatic urgency of evolutionary Becoming.


From the perspective of the eternal and timeless ground, the highest truth is that nothing ever happened; we were never born, and the universe was never created – that’s liberation, samadhi, enlightenment. But from the perspective of evolution, the entire picture changes. We are participating in a dynamic forward-moving process, and 14 billion years of development have produced all of manifestation – the entirety of the known universe, including one of its greatest mysteries: the uniquely human capacity for self-reflective awareness.


Looking at the vast creative arc of evolution as a whole, we realise that it is one process. The forms that evolution gives rise to come into being and eventually pass away, but the impulse itself is singular, immortal and infinite – and if we look deeply into our own experience, we discover that our own desire for spiritual freedom is not separate from this very same primordial impulse that is driving the entire process. 


So it is not merely you, or any one of us individually, that is personally struggling to come to terms with ultimate meaning. Rather, the impersonal energy and intelligence that created the universe is striving to awaken to itself – to become more conscious through you.


Andrew calls this the Evolutionary Impulse, and when we awaken to it, we discover something miraculous: this dynamic and ever-evolving creative principle is none other than our own Authentic Self. Discovering this Self is the portal to the new source of spiritual liberation that Andrew calls Evolutionary Enlightenment.

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Dr. Marc Gafni & Andrew Cohen in an inspiring demonstration of emergent spirituality in action.

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