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​Live Teaching with Dr. Marc Gafni

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Live Teaching with Dr. Marc Gafni
Sunday January 23nd at 10 am PT

A Scene from Don't Look Up: "Everyone's Gonna Die!"
What are the secrets death whispers in our ear?


SUNDAY 10:00AM PT Weekly

One Mountain is a weekly, interactive, online  broadcast that includes rich, spiritually activating, transformational content, group prayer and encouragement to live love as religion. 


Live Teaching with Dr. Marc Gafni
Sunday January 23nd at 10 am PT

A Scene from Don't Look Up: "Everyone's Gonna Die!"
What are the secrets death whispers in our ear?

The recently released movie Don’t Look Up is about two astronomers who have just realized that a deadly comet is hurtling towards earth. The data is clear. It is going to happen. But they can’t get anyone to look up and pay attention.

The reason "Don’t Look Up" is on the big screen now is because it's telling the story of our time and it's very much the story of at least one key part of our work at the Center for Integral Wisdom and One Mountain, Many Paths.


In this Sunday’s live teaching with Dr. Marc Gafni we are going to look at this story as a spiritual-political practice in the Evolution of Love.

A key theme in Don’t Look Up is - as Kate (Jennifer Lawrence) and Dr. Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) both scream at pivotal moments in the movie - “Everyone’s gonna die!”. They are of course referring to existential risk, the potential death of humanity. But how you approach the potential death of humanity has everything to do with how you think about the death of the human being. And in fact, Kate and Dr. Mindy are right: everyone is gonna die! But what does that mean?


There are two great days in our life which change everything. These two days must be celebrated in ecstatic joy. They are the day of our birth and the day of our death. Birthdays and death-days. Death is not an event in our life. Death is the ecstatic dancing sage of our lives. To be able to stand in the day of your death, a day in which you seem to be powerless, but actually can be more powerful than you ever were before, is the great magic of life. 


What are the sweet nothings of wisdom, insight, and joy that death whispers in our ear before she comes? What do we know about life after death? And what is in the realm of Mystery? 


How do we begin to prepare - starting right now - for a great death no matter what has happened up till this very moment in our lives?


In this episode, we’re going to engage in the spiritual/political practice of reading the movie Don't Look up as a text of culture, which is the same spiritual practice as sensemaking. 


Is it an evolutionary story? Is it an important story? What's right about the story? What's off about the story? 


We will articulate this together as evolutionary, revolutionary storytellers, with our intention being to articulate a New Politics of Eros and a New Politics of Evolutionary Love.


The movie Don't Look Up is about what we would call the story of the apocalypse, the potential death of our humanity. 

What does the movie Dont Look Up tell us and not tell us about facing death?

In this Dharmic Critique of the movie Don’t Look Up Dr. Marc Gafni seeks to explore this Outrageously painful and Outrageously beautiful moment of reckoning for our species – and indeed for consciousness itself.


SUNDAY 10:00AM PT Weekly


One Mountain is a weekly transmission of timeless and evolutionary wisdom, aggregated through the ages, distilled for today’s great, and terrible realities.


We must drink deeply from the most relevant sacred insights about our human and spiritual nature in order to wake up and grow up into our own maturation and greatness as individuals.  From here we can show up collectively to embody the new era of humanity and unlock our most thriving future. 

Dr. Marc Gafni and the late Barbara Marx Hubbard have devoted their lives to articulating the most precise, impactful integrations of sacred teachings throughout history so we can each show up to One Mountain and leave enthralled by our oneness, purpose and potential! 


While there are many paths up ‘the Mountain’, 'One Mountain, Many Pathsis devoted to revealing the mountain itself and this leads to profound, transformational insights that will leave you more empowered to step into your personal purpose as a creator.

That's why we always say in our services:

We are a church, a synagogue, a mosque, a temple, a zendo...we’re all of it. No one is excluded, everyone is included… and we come together to attune to the evolutionary impulse awakening within us… WELCOME HOME!!

About Dr. Marc Gafni

Gafni is a visionary thinker, social activist and passionate philosopher. He is known for his "source code teachings”, including Unique Self theory and the Five Selves, the Amorous Cosmos, A Politics of Evolutionary Love, A Return to Eros and Digital Intimacy.

He is author of twenty five books, of which the first ten have been published, including the award-winning Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment.

He holds his doctorate in philosophy from Oxford University, as well as Orthodox rabbinic ordination.

Gafni is playing a pivotal role in evolving a new ‘dharma,’ or meta-theory of meaning overflowing with heart - a new set of distinctions, that is helping to re-shape key pivoting points in global consciousness and culture.

He teaches on the cutting edge of philosophy and spirit in the West, with the aim of participating in the articulation of what Dr. Gafni together with Dr. Zak Stein and colleagues are calling CosmoErotic Humanism.


At the core of CosmoErotic Humanism is what Dr. Gafni and Dr. Stein are calling  ‘First Principles and First Values’, Anthro-Ontology, and a “Universal Grammar of Value”.

This is the ground of a new shared universe story and a new narrative of identity for the new human and the new humanity. This is what they are calling the emergence from Homo sapiens to Homo Amor.

This shared story rooted in First Principles and First Values can then serve as the matrix for a global ethos for a global civilization. 


This work highly depends on the support of our community! 


If this labor of love has made your own life more Good, True and Beautiful, and you desire for Outrageous Love to reach more and more people, please consider aiding its sustenance with a one-time or loyal donation. Your support makes all the difference.

As you bless, so are you blessed. As you gift, so are you gifted.

Thank you!

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