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As a member of One Church you have access to our One Church Members Facebook Group which is a digital space dedicated to ensuring you are getting the most out of Church.  Ask questions, share insights, connect with other members, receive updates about Church and special member-only invitations. 

Membership is available to all!

If you are not yet a member, Register Here.


As a member of One Church, you have access to a range of deeply insightful and transformational courses produced by the parent organization: Center for Integral Wisdom.


Each of these courses has a substantial market value and was produced from decades of study and cultivation of the wisdom contained within.  


Take on one course at a time and thoughtfully take in the core messages contained within each.  As you systematically go through each course, a greater depth of understanding of the content of Church will come online as well as a greater depth of your embodiment of the principles and the ability to share them with others. 

Click the course icons below to read more about each course and determine which to delve into next. 

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