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Outrageous Love Festival Rally
June 19, at 11am PT = 8pm CET

Have you ever wondered where to meet other revolutionary, inspired, passionate, pioneering souls, willing to give what it takes to make the world a better place? 

The Outrageous Love Festival is a gathering for revolutionary mystics who are ready to play a larger game and participate in the evolution of love at the highest possible level.

Mystics, scientists, politicians, artists, film makers, entrepreneurs, doctors, physicists, social activists, musicians and world leaders of all kinds, from all over the world come together to join genius and co-create the more beautiful world we know is possible.  

With the festival only two months away (6-12 August) it is now time to "RALLY the crowds" in the most holy ways, filled with Eros, not for our personal greed but for the sake of Reality's deepest need...

This is our tenth Outrageous Love Festival and it will be our first in-person gathering since the pandemic and we are thrilled to have so many people already signed up! 

Places are filling up fast, but like Marc said in his email: if we need to put up tents, we'll get extra places. If we need to find little hotels nearby where people can stay. We'll do that! 

Because this is a revolution! 

It is a bottom-up self-organizing revolution and that is why we invite you to: 

Outrageous Love Festival Rally happening Sunday June 19th at 11am PT. 

  • Get a taste what the festival is all about

  • Have a conversation with Dr. Marc Gafni and ask all your questions

  • Meet with the Band of Outrageous Lovers in this online community gathering

  • Learn more about the Outrageous Love Festival and let us know if we should pull up an extra chair for you...

Come and taste the power of a band of Outrageous Lovers responding to existential risk with a new story of CosmoErotic Humanism!​

More than ever Reality needs us to take our seat at the table of history and respond to existential risk with Outrageous Love! 


Let's look each other in the eyes and ask the most important question... What does Reality need from YOU right now? 

This is what this RALLY is all about. To RALLY our HEARTS and HOLY SEDUCE our SOULS to stand for love for REAL! 


Invite all your friends who care deeply about creating the more beautiful world we know is possible.


Let's do this TOGETHER!

  • Dharma Talk by Dr. Marc Gafni

  • Q&A Session

  • Community meeting

  • Become an Outrageous Love Ambassador (and discover what you can do to support the revolution)!

Live Zoom Call 
June 19th

11am PT / 8pm CET

[no signup required]

Why we are talking about Eros and existential risk whilst facing catastrophic and existential risk...


In this moment that we are in, in the midst of breakdown - in the midst of uncertainty - in the midst of catastrophic and even existential risk - that breakdown is sourced in a failure of Eros. There are multiple levels of the failure of Eros that brought us to this moment and multiple reasons why we haven’t focused our intention to prepare for this moment.


The invitation of this moment is to evolve the source code, to tell a new story, a new story of identity, of community, a New Universe Story. We need to restore Eros - or even evolve Eros. 


Intimacy is one of the qualities of Eros. So the evolution of intimacy, the reclaiming of our knowing that we are unique incarnations of Eros in a CosmoErotic Universe, is the essence of this moment.

This is why we are focusing on Eros whilst facing catastrophic and existential risk. Eros is not extra. The problem is a failure of Eros.


Every failure of Eros then births a complete failure of ethics. It is a crack in our wholeness, in our wholeness of identity, and our wholeness of One World.

The only response to existential risk is a new story of CosmoErotic Humanism.

The articulation of a new narrative of Eros, Desire, Power, Sexuality, Identity is what the yearly Outrageous Love Festival is all about.


And we can not do it without each other.


Each of us is an irreducible unique expression that is needed by All That Is.


This is OUR revolution. This is our Outrageous Love Festival.

Without each of us stepping in the court and saying YES to Reality, it simply doesn't happen...

So we invite each other to take a seat at the table of history.

Come to the Outrageous Love Festival RALLY if you...

  • ...are passionate to participate in creating the more beautiful world we know is possible!

  • ...want to know how Eros and Existential Risk are intimately related

  • ...want to learn why a new narrative of Desire, Eros and Intimacy is the only response to the failure of intimacy currently happening in our world...

  • ...are ready to show up and play a larger game and contribute to the future of humanity!

  • ...want to meet Dr. Marc Gafni in a live Q&A with the entire community! 

  • ...want to show up as an Outrageous Love Ambassador for the Evolution of Love and support in any way you can! 



  • Dharma talk by Dr. Marc Gafni 

  • Q&A with Dr. Marc Gafni

  • What is the Outrageous Love Festival and why does it matter so much?

  • How can YOU participate in the Outrageous Love Revolution and help build the Outrageous Love Festival!

The bottom line: we are ALL needed to take our festival to the next level. Whether you are with us since the very beginning a decade ago, or whether you are new...

Whether you are signed up or not able to come at all...

If you care about telling a new story for a new humanity and ensuring a future for our children, show up for this RALLY to show your support, share your attention, and discover what you can do...

If you are on the fence of signing up for the festival, there will be an opportunity to share your concerns and ask your questions.


  1. Think of one person you can share this page with, show them the video below, send them your favorite MEDIUM POSTS or VIDEO with a personal message, inviting them to come to this Outrageous Love RALLY. 

  2. Share this page in your social network with a personal message inviting your friends to join!


Anyone can join: there is NO SIGNUP REQUIRED. Just click on the Zoom below.


Sunday June 19 at 11 am PT = 8 pm CET:

A taste of the Outrageous Love Festival:

Super Personal Invitation by Dr. Marc Gafni

If we ever loved each other - or if you have ever loved anyone - please promise to read slow this whole message... [or listen to it here]

The Outrageous Love Festival happening this summer is unbelievably important.

It's really important. It's a crazy, big deal.

For the last 10 years, I've shared with many of you that we are poised between utopia and dystopia. 

And that actually...

  • It wasn't too big to fail.

  • That there is a real threat of existential risk - a risk to our very existence.

  • And catastrophic risk – a potential unleashing of human suffering, that's virtually unimaginable.

And that the core – the root cause of existential risk and catastrophic risk – is what I called the Global Intimacy Disorder.

We don't actually have a shared story of value, 

- that will allow us to create in our own bodies, a coherence and intimacy and Eros.
- to create between us a coherence and intimacy and an Eros of joy. 
- And to create that coherence, that intimacy, that Eros, that joy… between people across the globe.

Every problem today, every challenge – existential risk and catastrophic risk – requires global coherence, requires global coordination.

You can't get global coherence without global intimacy. 

And you can't get intimacy without being in a shared story of value.

Only from that shared story of value, you can find the depth that we need to “Fuck reality open” – to Love reality open.

To create the most beautiful world that is possible, and to actually realize potential utopia’s, not dystopia.

Now, this is not, my friends, meta-theoretical…

… this is about one girl who's 10, who's going to die.

… and another boy who's 11, is going to die even more slowly.

… and another girl and another boy and another old person.

This is talking about a level of human suffering, that's unimaginable.


And you have the capacity, to speak directly into that.

You and I together, can actually change the course of history for real.

And the way we do that is, 

  • We come together.

  • And we tell this new story.

  • And this new story is a story of value.

  • It's rooted in First Principles and First Values.

It’s about how you and I live our lives together.

The same First Principles and First Values that we need for you and I, how to live our lives together.

–In radical Joy,
–Radical Fuck.
–Radical Aliveness.
–Radical Goodness,
–radical Truth,
–radical Beauty.

The same thing you need, and we need between us…

– to actually live in a story of value,

The same thing that will address your depression,

– and your anxiety, 
– and your sense of fear,
– and your sense of confusion.
– and your sense of “Is this all there is?”
– and your sense of “I'm doing okay, I've got it all covered. But is this all there is?”
– and your sense of yearning,
– and your loneliness,
– and your feeling and my feeling…

…that we're actually not living the most beautiful life that we could.

That same story that you and I need, is the story that Reality needs.

  • We need a new sexual narrative.

  • We need a new narrative of desire.

  • We need a new understanding of shame.

  • We need a new realization of purpose.

  • We need a new narrative of identity.

  • We need a new universe story.


We've spent the last decade working on this and it's coming together in a shocking way.

We're in the Renaissance together - we are the Renaissance.

So here I am – I have agonizing back pain.

I'm completely with you.

I'm madly delighted to see you.

But I'm not willing to say: “It's my job to convince you to come.”

No deal.

That's the old world, right? 

Where I gotta sell you something to show up.


  • I want you to show up because you care about the world.

  • I want you to show up because you actually can feel the joy and the suffering, the pain and the possibility.

  • I want you to show up because you're willing to take your seat at the table.

Let's show up and do this!

I can promise you one thing: we will step into a field of joy.

  • A field of Eros

  • A field of creativity…

  • A field of Goodness

  • A field of emergent Gnosis

…that's unimaginable!!!

And in your most direct personal life, something will move and change in a way that you can't even imagine. 

So, I'm turning to you, and I'm saying...

Let's skip the marketing bullshit.

Let's the skip the “Oh, do I have time? Do I not have time?”

All the stuff we do when we're consumers. We make everybody commodify things for us, to try and please us, to give us a quick hit of pseudo-Eros.

No, no, no, no, we're not doing it this way!

  • We are partners!

  • We've been together at a festival before.

  • We know what the possibility is.

This is a year like no other.

We have exactly 100 places available.

So please, today,

Show up.

And let's do this together.


  • We're actually going to wake up in a new way.

  • We're going to grow up in a new way.

  • We're going to open up in a way that we've never done. 

  • And we're going to show up for reality. 

So wow! 

I could not be more ecstatic to see you. And I'm trembling right now. Because I'm trembling before Thee. I'm trembling before She, before the Goddess, who needs us to do this! 

This is ours to do. It's ours to come together. As a band of Outrageous Lovers, to tell this new story of value, to articulate it, to write it, to film it, to laugh it, to dance it, to sex it, to love it open.

This is ours to do!

And you know what, I'm not going to make 30 new videos, every day to entertain you. 

I'm just going to keep ­–Fucking– sending you the same one every day. 

So, at the end of my life…

At the end of your life…

[Because we're all held in joy and accountability at the end of our lives…]


When Reality asks:

“Did you show up?”

Don't say you didn't get an invitation.

This is the invitation.

And it's so personal.

It's so intimate.


Now I know...

I know...

You may be saying: 

“It's my life. I can do what I want with it.”

Of course, it's your life.

And my friends....

Of course, it's not your life!

  • You didn't choose when to be born.

  • You didn't choose where to be born.

  • You didn't choose to whom to be born.

  • You didn't choose what gifts you have and don't have.

  • You didn't choose your socio-economic class.

  • And we're not going to choose where we die.

So yes, it's your life and my life at one level, and we should have appropriate boundaries for sure.

  • But it's also much bigger than our lives

  • We’re being lived by something so much larger.

  • We're being lived by Outrageous Love herself.

  • We are at the band of Outrageous Lovers.

  • We're going to come together and love each other like we never have before.

That's the way of the heart.
When we open the Eye of the Heart something happens.
Something new is possible.
And Reality stands at this crossroads.
And we have to take the road less traveled by,
and that Beloved's, Outrageous Lovers, friends,
that will make all the difference.

Thank you so very, very, very much.

Totally humbly, totally loving you.

Totally waiting to be there together.

And if we need to put up tents, we'll get extra places. We need to find little hotels nearby where people can stay. We'll do that.

But for one moment in your life, let go of comfort and choose pleasure:

  • The pleasure of taking a seat at the table.

  • The pleasure of taking responsibility for the whole thing.

  • The pleasure of loving each other and loving reality open in a way that we never have before.

Thank you madly.

Love you madly madly.

- Dr. Marc Gafni

Visionary, Philosopher, Author
Office for the Future
Center for Integral Wisdom

White Sheet

Listen to this personal invitation by Dr. Marc Gafni ...

About Dr. Marc Gafni

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-24 at 04.13_edited.jpg

Gafni is a visionary thinker, social activist and passionate philosopher. He is known for his "source code teachings”, including Unique Self theory and the Five Selves, the Amorous Cosmos, A Politics of Evolutionary Love, A Return to Eros and Digital Intimacy.

He is author of twenty five books, of which the first ten have been published, including the award-winning Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment.

He holds his doctorate in philosophy from Oxford University, as well as Orthodox rabbinic ordination.

Gafni is a visionary thinker, social activist and passionate philosopher. He is known for his "source code teachings”, including Unique Self theory and the Five Selves, the Amorous Cosmos, A Politics of Evolutionary Love, A Return to Eros and Digital Intimacy.

He is author of twenty five books, of which the first ten have been published, including the award-winning Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment.

He holds his doctorate in philosophy from Oxford University, as well as Orthodox rabbinic ordination.

Gafni is playing a pivotal role in evolving a new ‘dharma,’ or meta-theory of meaning overflowing with heart - a new set of distinctions, that is helping to re-shape key pivoting points in global consciousness and culture.

He teaches on the cutting edge of philosophy and spirit in the West, with the aim of participating in the articulation of what Dr. Gafni together with Dr. Zak Stein and colleagues are calling CosmoErotic Humanism.


At the core of CosmoErotic Humanism is what Dr. Gafni and Dr. Stein are calling  ‘First Principles and First Values’, Anthro-Ontology, and a “Universal Grammar of Value”.

This is the ground of a new shared universe story and a new narrative of identity for the new human and the new humanity. This is what they are calling the emergence from Homo sapiens to Homo Amor.

This shared story rooted in First Principles and First Values can then serve as the matrix for a global ethos for a global civilization. 

White Sheet


My breakthrough at this festival is a real embodied sense that reality is desire! I felt that in every cell in my body! Very liberating and very powerful!

Simona & Krista

Marc is beyond brilliant, he is so brilliant in everything he knows and embodies. He is really in devotion of everybody and everything and every being.


We are madly in love with each other. It is a glimpse of an Enlightened society!

Praise for the Outrageous Love Festival

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