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Evolutionary Sensemaking Books

We are called to participate in the mystical endeavor to publish 300 episodes into books. 

The Evolution of Love Co-Study Group
Starts Saturday, September 30

You have a vision in your mind, an ecstatic urgency welling in your heart, an insistent  demand in your a body - for the “ultimate relationship”. 

You know it exists - You can feel it in your gut - but you just have no clue how to get there?  

You have tried everything - you have read all the books - taken all the seminars - and the same relationships dynamics, traps, limitations, failures, and most of all fears, refuse to let go of you. You cannot get free and find the relationship of your dreams? 

Relationships are our spiritual practice. 

We have killed all the gods except for Aphrodite but we have forgotten how to worship at her altar. 

You know that behind the closed door, an extraordinary relationship awaits you but you don’t know how to find the door! 
You feel like a man, you feel like a woman but that does not exhaust your identity! 

Transgender is not your path but the old gender stereotypes do not work either! You sense some great new possibility for your most intimate identity but you are not quite sure how to find your way!

You want to play a larger game! 

Evolution of Love Co-Study Circle

When: September 30th - February 2024

Costs: free participation as One Mountain Member (sign up here)

Study Group Start Date:

Saturday September 30th, 10AM Pacific/ 1PM Eastern/7PM Central European

How Often:
Every two weeks on Saturdays for 9 sessions:

What to Expect:

  • Meet on zoom, 90-minute sessions

  • A safe group container for reflection on the Online course, group practice, meditation, chant, breakout rooms, and opportunity to get to know others in the circle.

  • Each session, we study one lesson of the course

What do you Need:

Join One Mountain Many Path membership for $50 per month with access to the online course "Evolution of Love."

Join Membership here:


FREE Cost of Sessions:

A part of membership to One Mountain Many Path, no additional Study Group fees for Saturday Sessions.


Email Jamie Long:


This is a study circle for One Mountain Many Path members and friends. You will not want to miss this sacred opportunity!

Bi-weekly Co-Study Sessions on zoom

Every other Saturday at 10 am Pacific Time U.S.







More dates to be determined

Evolution of Love picture.jpg

Here's how you can join:

Participating in these study groups has proven to be an amazing way to deepen your understanding of the Dharma and to build powerful, nurturing relationships with other evolutionary Outrageous Lovers.

  1. Become a member of One Mountain for $50 a month.

    You will get 9 self study courses and access to join the live co-study group starting in September. 

  2. Send an email to to sign up and he will send you more information. 

Step 1. Become a member

Step 2. Email Jamie

How other's experienced previous study groups:

For me the course had a lot of impact. What I notice most when I am talking about it with my loved ones: I am surprised how alive I feel then. Especially when they want to know more... the cap really comes off the bottle and an unknown well is tapped that wants to flow and is nearly unstoppable. 

- Geja Hoogeveen

The course enabled me to deepen my connections with a gorgeous group of people. To open my heart more, learn from and with others, take risks, to hold and be held. 

- Jacqueline Clark

The Evolution of Love Course Image.jpg

The Evolution of Love: Activating Evolutionary Relationships & Unique Gender

Watch Intro Video here:

The Evolution of Love
Online Course

— Video course with Dr. Marc Gafni

— Facilitated co-study circle by Kristina Amelong, Jamie Long, and David Cicerchi sessions to reflect, share, practice, and discuss the dharma of Unique Gender, Lines and Circles, Evolutionary Relationships.

Welcome home in a warm community of Outrageous Lovers, awaken your Unique Self and Unique Gender activating Evolutionary Relationships

Embody and practice the Dharma of Evolutionary Love and stay connected with other evolutionary souls throughout the year!

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