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Evolutionary Sensemaking Books

We are called to participate in the mystical endeavor to publish 300 episodes into books. 

Dr. Marc Gafni and Claire Molinard are launching the Unique Self Institute in the fall of 2022.

To celebrate we are offering this Awakening Your Unique Self Year Program.


The Unique Self Institute aims to be a resource tank for the Unique Self source code materials and their evolution across the last three decades. Through providing courses, programs, coaching, and mentoring for the application of the theory across disciplines, its vision is to further articulate and disseminate this new narrative of identity into culture.

This has been years in the making, and is the primary way to spread the new story of Unique Self into the world! 

And of course, we all get to be a primary part of this historic launch of the Unique Self Institute through the unique opportunity to study Awakening Your Unique Self Course, with senior lineage holder Claire Molinard.

And, in the second part two of this year program, Dr. Gafni will take the Unique Self teachings to an entirely next level and share Dharma he never shared anywhere else!

Awakening Your Unique Self Part One

When: September 24th - December

Costs: free participation as One Mountain Member (sign up here)

In part one of this year program we will be going through the original course material of Awakening Your Unique Self with Dr. Marc Gafni, accompanied by bi-weekly study and practice sessions with Claire Molinard, the senior lineage holder of the Unique Self dharma. 

David Cicerchi, Kristina Tahel Amelong and Jamie Long will be assisting Claire for this first part of the course.

In this first part of the Unique Self course, there is no additional fee, you can participate as part of your One Mountain Membership.

The original online material of the Awakening Your Unique Self course is a series of 10 ninety-minute audio lessons and includes many supplemental videos, exercises and downloadable handouts.

  • Lesson 1: An Introduction to Your Unique Self

  • Lesson 2: How Evolution Awakens Itself In You

  • Lesson 3: The Path To Unique Self Enlightenment

  • Lesson 4: False Self, False Core

  • Lesson 5: Ego v. Essence

  • Lesson 6: True Self & Unique Self

  • Lesson 7: The Path of The Outrageous Lover

  • Lesson 8: Unique Self & Shadow

  • Lesson 9: Evolutionary Relationships

  • Lesson 10: Answering The Call of Your Life

Bi-weekly teaching sessions with Claire Molinard

Every other Saturday at 10 am PT










Awakening Your Unique Self Part Two

When: January - May 2023

Costs: Exclusive members-only discounted price

In part two in January Dr. Marc Gafni will join the study course live and teach about how the Unique Self Dharma has evolved over the last ten years.

This second part of the course with Dr. Marc Gafni will be held by the Unique Self Institute in January 2023. 

As a member of One Mountain Many paths, you will have the opportunity to join this brand new Unique Self awakening journey with Claire and Dr. Marc for a members-only discounted price. More information will be provided in December.

Here's how you can join:

You can join either or both parts of this new Unique Self year program. 

Participating in these study groups has proven to be an amazing way to deepen your understanding of the Dharma and to build powerful, nurturing relationships with other evolutionary Outrageous Lovers.

  1. Become a member of One Mountain for $50 a month.

    You will get 9 self study courses and access to join the live co-study group starting in September. 

  2. Send an email to to sign up and he will send you more information. 

Step 1. Become a member

Step 2. Email Jamie

How other's experienced previous study groups:

For me the course had a lot of impact. What I notice most when I am talking about it with my loved ones: I am surprised how alive I feel then. Especially when they want to know more... the cap really comes off the bottle and an unknown well is tapped that wants to flow and is nearly unstoppable. 

- Geja Hoogeveen

The course enabled me to deepen my connections with a gorgeous group of people. To open my heart more, learn from and with others, take risks, to hold and be held. 

- Jacqueline Clark


Awakening Your Unique Self
Year Program

— with Dr. Marc Gafni and senior lineage holder and director of the Unique Self Institute Claire Molinard

Welcome home in a warm community of Outrageous Lovers, awaken your Unique Self and discover the deepest purpose of your life!

Embody and practice the Dharma of Unique Self and stay connected with other evolutionary souls throughout the year!

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