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One Church is an online spiritual community and weekly service hosted by Dr. Marc Gafni and co-founded by the late Barbara Marx Hubbard.  While everyone can participate in Church weekly for free, membership offers you a much greater depth of engagement as a supporter, community member and co-creator with Church.​

Exclusive for Members
Starting 20 September, 2020

First Principles and First Values:
A New Story for a New Humanity.

Deep Dive Study Group with Dr. Marc Gafni


Every Sunday at 11am PT. 



with Dr. Marc Gafni

Join Dr. Marc Gafni and the whole community in weekly deep dive study group, articulating new First Principles: A New Story for a New Humanity. 

Every Sunday at 11am PT. 


Receive FREE access to advanced courses created to deepen your understanding of the topics discussed in Church including: 'activating your unique gifts' and

'deepening your ability to love.'


Join ‘One Church Members’ FB group as a space for deeper inquiry, integration of church messages, special invitations, connection and co-creation with other members


Every Monday at 11am PT we join in communion to write to the Evolutionary Love Code of the prior day's service. Writing and meeting around the Codes is deeply transforming.


Receive discounted rates for periodic live events - such as the yearly Outrageous Love Festival - to bring members together in person and take you, and your Church experience, to the next level. 


Membership in One Church involves selecting a monthly backing contribution based upon your interest and availability.  We encourage you to be generous so we can build a strong financial foundation upon which to expand our offerings. 


If you want to know that you are a part of something that is guiding you, and the world, towards the most positive future possible, become a member of One Church today.

Select the membership monthly backing support that most aligns with your desire to support and participate: 

Want to give more?

Consider adding a monthly or one-time donation HERE:



As a member of One Church you have access to our One Church Members Facebook Group which is a digital space dedicated to ensuring you are getting the most out of Church.  Ask questions, share insights, connect with other members, receive updates about Church and special member-only invitations. 


As a member of One Church, you have FREE access to a range of deeply insightful and transformational courses produced by our sister organization: The Center for Integral Wisdom.


Each of these courses has a substantial market value and was produced from decades of study and cultivation of the wisdom contained within.  


Take on one course at a time and thoughtfully take in the core messages contained within each.  As you systematically go through each course, a greater depth of understanding of the content of Church will come online as well as a greater depth of your embodiment of the principles and the ability to share them with others. 

Click the course icons below to read more about each course and determine which to delve into next. 

When you are ready to get started on a course, just send an email to support (at) and let us know which. We will send you the login information within 24 hours.

Duncan McClintock

There is bounteous wisdom here, all shared with an open and connected heart. There is magic here, a blending of many worldviews, all with soul and purpose.

Connie Baxter Marlow

Barbara and Marc bringing forth the cosmic love story and the birth of the new humanity. It is very aligned with our vision: There is ONLY love.

Janet Grace Nelson

Truly an ExtraOrdinary experience to connect with Barbara & Marc's brilliant Hearts on this Evolutionary journey. What a blessing iit is to have this Community to call HOME.

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