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Including and Transcending: From Biological Family to Evolutionary Family & Gender to Unique Gender

This is a raw transcript of our weekly broadcast of One Mountain, Many Paths. Dr. Marc Gafni offers a new form of intimacy - "Evolutionary Family" - with whom Unique Selves evolve and take their Unique Risk.

We are in that time of year where we’ve all been connecting with family one way or the other. So we are thinking about family.

I want to make a distinction which is key for this moment of time as we stand between utopia and dystopia. And this distinction will be key for navigating this time with the love and joy that will generate our success. I want to distinguish between biological family on the one hand and what I want to call Soul Root family or Evolutionary Family on the other hand. That is the distinction.

We were born with our biological family because the intelligence of Kosmos chose that family.

Our families are not an accident. It required generations and generations of unique allurements - all woven in the thread of conscious time, choice after allured choice, to ultimately generate the family that generated me.

Biological family is wondrous. We are totally committed. And we are with that particular family because there’s a fixing to do. There is a transformation that wants to happen.

So biological family is really important.


Biology is not destiny.

What does it mean "biology is not destiny?" It means biology is not all of our destiny. Biology constitutes a number of very clear hormonal and structural distinctions. But we are more than our biology. Biology is our starting point, it is always with us, but it is not the whole of our path or destination.

So in that precise sense we don’t deny our sexual gender. But we are not only man or woman. We can be more than biology even - for the overwhelming majority of us - without ever leaving biology behind. Similarly, we don’t deny the core essence of how and where we were born. We are committed in love to our biological family. But we are not limited by biology.

We don’t leave biology behind; we transcend and include biology. So actually we don’t leave biological family behind. We are madly committed to our biological family, but that is not the whole story.

Evolutionary Family: A New Form of Intimacy.

I actually have a larger family and the larger family are the people that I meet along the way. These are the Unique Self encounters along the path of my life journey. It is those people who constitute my Soul Root Family or what we also are calling my Evolutionary Family.

My Soul Root Family, my Evolutionary Family, are those with whom I evolve. I’ve got to be radically committed to them in the same way - sometimes even more - than I’m committed to my biological family.

So it is important to really know: who is in your Evolutionary Family? It is a great practice to sit down and make a list. Who are your real friends? Who would really show up for you? Who would you really show up for? Who’s in the First Principles and First Values with you together? Who do you have a shared vision with?

One of our core memes is that reality is the progressive deepening of intimacies. Infinity yearns for intimacy. And reality is the Evolution of Intimacy. That’s a core structural dimension of reality. And right now reality is generating a new form of intimacy. This new form of intimacy is Evolutionary Intimacy. That is your Soul Root Family, your Evolutionary Family. With your Evolutionary Family, you can live that new form of intimacy.

You see, with your Evolutionary Family, you don’t have to play small. With your Evolutionary Family, you can actually be who you really are. With your Evolutionary Family, you can actually confess your greatness. With your Evolutionary Family you can go the whole way in this lifetime.

Reality needs you to confess your greatness. Reality needs your service.

Reality needs your service and your service comes from your greatness. When you’re in your Joy, you can access your greatness.

  • With your Evolutionary Family, confess your greatness.

  • With your Evolutionary Family, confess your deepest heart’s desire.

  • With your Evolutionary Family, take your unique risk.

With your Evolutionary Family, you can live your Outrageous Love Stories and they have different forms. Outrageous Love Story doesn’t necessarily mean a romantic love story. It could be two sisters and two brothers. It could be beloveds that come together in a particular way or perhaps come together forever or perhaps just for a short period of time. With your Evolutionary Family you can take your Unique Risk in love. With your Evolutionary Family you can clarify your Deepest Heart’s Desire and live your Deepest Heart’s Desire.

With your Evolutionary Family you can come together and form a particular quartet or a particular symphonic movement in the great Unique Self Symphony. This is the very telos of reality – the generation of new forms of intimacy.

Evolutionary Family As Response To Existential Risk

We are not going to be able to respond to existential risk without honoring and deepening our love of biological family and then opening our hearts and loving just as much, sometimes wildly more our Evolutionary Family, our Soul Root Family.

We’re not going to move and face and walk through this 11th hour of existential risk, until we recognize that my family is not just the immediate group of people around me.

We’re coming together as a revolution, as an Evolutionary Family, as a Planetary Awakening in Love through Unique Self Symphonies to give our resources, to give the best that we are.

[This blogpost is almost all direct quotes from Dr. Marc Gafni collected from the raw transcript of the featured clip below, which is created from the free weekly broadcast of One Mountain, Many Paths, happening live every Sunday at 10 am PT]

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Including and Transcending: From Biological Family to Evolutionary Family & Gender to Unique Gender


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