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Ode to Evolutionary Joy: The Higher Union of A Broken Heart and Radical Aliveness

This is a raw transcript from our weekly broadcast of Many Paths, One Mountain. It speaks about the the importance of Evolutionary Joy.

"We can't step in at this moment between utopia and dystopia, change the Source Code, and activate this revolution, unless we do it with Radical Joy. We're going to have to find our path to Joy even as our hearts are broken, even as we are sometimes experiencing pain beyond imagination.

There is no contradiction between Joy and pain. There is no contradiction between a broken heart and radical Joy. We laugh out of one side of our mouth, and we cry out of the other. We are filled with Joy. Joy comes not from a circumstance, Joy comes from the very experience of being fully alive.

Joy is the opposite of depression. Depression is the largest and most deadly disease growing faster than anything else in the last five years all over the world, and exponentially since the pandemic began. Depression is the fastest growing disease on the planet. Depression comes from the inability to access Joy. Depression is the experience of being in a close loop system at equilibrium in which you cannot receive any new inputs of energy. Joy constantly access new energy and is always far from equilibrium seeking to enter Reality ever deeper. You can not access Joy unless you are living the life you are meant to live. Joy is not a merely psychological category. Joy is rather a First Principle and First Value of Kosmos. That means that Joy is not a social construct, Joy is the innate nature of an unclenched Kosmos. There are different things in every generation that bring us to Joy and there is an Evolution of wisdom in terms of what true Joy actually means. There can also be a kind of false joy, a pseudo-Eros, a pseudo-Joy, a joy that bypasses the pain and covers up the apparent hollowness of it all. The yearned for experience of authentic Joy, that wells up not from covering a hole but from the aliveness of Reality itself, shows up across cultures and cuts across generations. Authentic Joy is the radical aliveness of Kosmos. Joy is the inner core of Reality. Joy is a quality of Eros. Eros is the experience of radical aliveness, moving towards ever deeper levels of intimate contact and ever greater wholes. That is the movement of Eros. Eros is Love, Eros is Amor.

There is no Joy without Intimacy: knowing that we live in an Intimate Universe. Joy doesn't live out there. Joy is never a reaction. Joy is not 'I didn't have something, now I have it, so now I am in Joy.' Joy is the fabric of Reality itself. Reality itself trembles with Joy. The inner fabric of the subatomic and atomic Universe trembles with Joy. The Universe experiences allurement, aliveness and pleasure, when it fulfills its inherent purpose in us.

When reality experiences itself in this way - those atoms that live in us -, the cellular world explodes with Joy.

We live our radical aliveness when we get through the cravings, through the contractions, through the clenches, and when we actually rest in the inherent nature of Reality. We rest in who we actually truly are in our very nature.

Joy is available every second. Joy is the melody of Being and Becoming. Evolutionary Joy in which I am actually reaching towards my unique path and purpose. That is literally living my Unique Self.

But you cannot pursue Joy. Joy is only available as the natural byproduct of the passionate pursuit of something other than Joy.

When I am living my destiny, when I am aligned, when I am giving my Unique Gift, I am literally incarnating that pulsation of gifting that is Evolution awakened in me. When that begins to happen, Joy is aroused and has the capacity to move Reality in unimaginable ways.

Evolutionary Joy breaks through all the limitations. Joy gives us the capacity to write a New Story, at this moment of Evolution awakening to itself. The feeling tone of the Evolutionary Impulse is thrilling - a quality of Joy. The moment loves us open and we love the moment open and in this dance we feel Reality kissing itself with Joy.

The texts of different mystical traditions say that the inception of reality was the 'sha'ashua,' the Shakti, the trembling Joy of the Infinite. In the hidden texts it is the autoerotic Joy of God, God causing Divine pleasure, the self-pleasuring of Divinity, the Joy of Divinity's arousal of Desire exploding with Joy that births Reality.

Your Joy births Reality.

Embrace your Joy. Fall into it. We will fall into it together. Ode to Joy."

This blogpost is a direct quotation from Dr. Marc Gafni from our weekly Live Global Communion Service on Sunday at 10 am PT.

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