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Ode to Evolutionary Joy - The Next Step

This is a raw transcript from our weekly broadcast of Many Paths, One Mountain, quoting Dr. Marc Gafni. It is a continuation and deepening of our previous week: Ode to Evolutionary Joy: The Higher Union of A Broken Heart and Radical Aliveness. Read both blogposts and watch the wonderful clips below them to receive the full transmission of a First Principle of Evolutionary Joy.

"Joy is a First Principle of Kosmos.

In order to make this revolution, in order to stand poised between utopia and dystopia, we have to access directly the actual quality of Evolutionary Joy.

There is a ‘false joy equation’ that is the calculus of most of Reality today. This ‘false joy equation’ is: what I have + what I am missing = joy.

This is not true. It is not how it works. That is not how it happens.

What is true is that Joy is an immediate quality of Reality that literally inheres in Kosmos in every second. Molecules literally have an allured explosive wave quality of Joy. The Universe feels and the Universe feels Joy.

When you open the door to Joy, the Kosmos that lives in you becomes awake and ecstatic in a way that is actually in some sense unimaginable and unimpeachable.

Ecstatic does not mean that you have bypassed pain. Joy and a broken heart are not opposites. The opposite of Joy is depression, because when I am depressed the circuits are closed.

Systems Theory basically states that when you come to equilibrium - when you come to stasis and there are no new inputs from outside the system - so you are at pure equilibrium - that is death, that is depression. That is the nature of a closed loop system in which no new energy enters. Depression is demarcated by the bone crushing experience of futility.

By contrast in an open loop system - which is far from equilibrium - even a minor fluctuation point jumps all of Reality to a higher level of consciousness.

Aliveness is when you are far from equilibrium, you have an open looped - not a closed looped - system and you are receiving new inputs all the time.

New inputs come only from this unique moment of time. This is a First Principle of Kosmos. When this unique moment of time meets my Unique Self, then I access joy.

So imagine an electric cable. That is the dimension of you that is the same as everyone else. We are all an electric cable. At the end of the electric cable is a plug. Imagine that plug is utterly unique at the end of every cable. That plug is your Unique Self.

I plug my Unique Self into the wall, meaning into reality, I receive the electric body of Kosmos blowing my heart open, which is the Unique Joy of this moment, which Kosmos intended uniquely for me in this moment, which I can access only through the meeting of my personal uniqueness with the unique quality of the moment. That input blows my heart open. That is Joy.

When I am in my utter uniqueness then I become a puzzle piece that is joined with everyone else. It is through your puzzle piece essence that you receive and transmit Joy.

Unique Self is the receiver of Joy in the organism of you. Unique Self is how I receive joy. Joy is a byproduct of living my Unique Self.

But if it becomes a bypass road to the broken heart, it doesn’t work. Joy then becomes banal and disappears.

So I have got to actually be able to experience a broken heart, because when I have a broken heart - when my heart breaks open - then all the wisdom that says "on my heart” falls in. Everything goes in, all depth and discernment goes in.

So a broken heart and Joy are not opposites."

- Dr. Marc Gafni in Episode 210 of Many Paths, One Mountain, where our mission is to 'Articulate a New Story for a New Humanity.'

Please enjoy the featured clip of this episode below.

This blogpost is a direct quotation from Dr. Marc Gafni from our weekly Live Global Communion Service on Sunday at 10 am PT.

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