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Our Highest Purpose is No Purpose: Activate the Power of Purpose Through the Pleasure of No Purpose

This is a raw transcript from our weekly broadcast of One Communion: Many Paths, One Mountain. It speaks about the animal consciousness and the Pleasure of No Purpose.

"Animals have different qualities of consciousness that are not available to human beings.

Most Animals have, through their instinct, unmediated access to the larger purpose of Kosmos moving through them.

That is a dimension of innate purpose. While there is a dimension of choice in the animal world, it is a different quality of choice than that which defines humanity.

The primary focus of the animal, from what we can understand, is instinctual or innate purpose which show up as No Purpose. It is a quality of depth living that the wisdom master call 'Lishma': 'for its own sake.

Unmediated participation in Source is the participation in the quality of No Purpose. When human beings include that quality of consciousness 'No Purpose' in their own human choice making, they have 'embraced the animal.

To become human we must include and transcend the animal and not reject the animal. When we reject the animal, the 'animal,' in its shadow forms, seeks to hijack our lives.

For the New Human and New Humanity, what we refer to as Homo Amor, Purpose and No Purpose, and what Abraham Kuk calls 'mind and will,' live in paradoxical joy.

The Garden of Eden is Paradox and not paradise.

Paradise is Paradox."

- Dr. Marc Gafni in episode 207 of One Communion: Many Paths, One Mountain, where our mission is to articulate a New Story for a New Humanity. Watch the featured clip of this episode below.

This blogpost is a direct quotation from Dr. Marc Gafni from our weekly Live Global Communion Service on Sunday at 10 am PT.

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