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Outrage + Love = Outrageous Love: The First Seven Qualities of Homo Amor

This is a raw transcript from our weekly broadcast of One Mountain, Many Paths. It speaks about the First Seven Qualities of Homo Amor.

"Who is Homo Amor? How does it feel to be an Outrageous Lover? 

What is the character of the Outrageous Lover who embodies the evolutionary impulse, who articulates the new source code, who stands in the breach, who is evolution?

Outrageous Love is not ordinary love. Outrageous Love is the heart of existence itself. There is joy that inheres in reality itself, which is a quality of love, and that love is Outrageous Love. That is one quality of Outrageous Love. The second quality of Outrageous Love is rage. 'I am angry.' You can’t have Outrageous Love without Outrage, but then you’ve got to bring Outrage and Love together.

How do I allow myself to actually be 'madly' in love and at the same time hold the quality of Outrage, both its explosiveness and the rage in it, because... 

There is what to be rageful about!

The Outrageous Pain that we inflict frivolously on the animal world. Two billion people in the world today don’t have access to sanitation, to water. Google is a data mining firm to serve the imperative of selling predictive analysis about your behavior, premised the original sin turning of your personal experience into data that are used for highly manipulative targeted ads - which intend and do undermine your integrity as a free voter and consumer. 

Actually the entire imperative of Facebook, Verizon, Google and many others is the grand theft our personal experience and its transformation into the data of predictive analysis, which is then sold to third parties against our will. 

All of this is part of an orchestrated drift towards digital dictatorships. That's Outrageous! It is the beginning of a new totalitarianism. 

We are only going to have the energy to change them if we're willing to say, 'I am angry. I am outraged.'

Evolution as me is outraged. Outrage is a quality of the Evolutionary Impulse itself.

Without Outrage you will not get sacred activism. Love by itself will not generate sacred activism. Love and Outrage need to be brought together.

But we have to beware of the hijacking of Outrage. We don't reject Outrage, but we hold Outrage with tender care. We bring Outrage together with Love. When Outrage is split off from Love then Outrage all too easily becomes corrupted. Then Outrage becomes a tool of power. But when Love is split off from Outrage then Love becomes pallid, insipid, limpid, and weak. Outrage and Love have to come together. 

'We live in a world of Outrageous Pain and the only response to Outrageous Pain is Outrageous Love.'

- Dr. Marc Gafni, where our mission is to articulate a New Story for a New Humanity.

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This blogpost is a direct quotation of Dr. Marc Gafni from Episode 211 of One Mountain Many Paths. This free weekly broadcast takes place every Sunday at 10 am PT.

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