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Tapped on the Shoulder: The Radical Shock of Being Personally Recognized by Kosmos

This is a raw transcript from our weekly broadcast of One

Mountain, Many Paths. It speaks about the 'Infinity of Intimacy' that knows your name.

"I know it gets intense sometimes, I know it hasn’t been an easy week for a lot of people and it’s also been a week for which we are wildly grateful.

Let’s feel into the utter invitation of this moment. Imagine literally the nanosecond of the Big Bang, the instant of the great flaring forth, when all of Infinity encapsulated itself in the discretion of a single point, a singularity that birthed the space-time continuum and that unfolded with a power, a magnificence, an intensity, an unimaginable immensity whose creative force, whose yearning for wholeness, for Goodness, Truth, and Beauty, animated by Eros, by Evolutionary Love, by Outrageous Love, unfolded a reality of such infinite beauty, such infinite depth, such infinite consciousness, such infinite complexity with promises that we can barely imagine and each new level of promise with its own potential pathologies that we can also barely grasp.

And now it is our moment. Reality in this moment - just like at the moment of the first Big Bang - stands before a future of dazzlingly beautiful promise and pathology, again: beyond imagination. But today we also contain within us all of the memory. Everything that came before lives in us. We not only live in the Universe. The Universe lives in us. We contain within us the memory of the entire story. But not only the interior memory of the entire story literally lives in us - the story itself in manifold physical expressions, lives in us.

The first quarks that came together as three to survive and thrive, they live in us - literally. The first protons and neutrons and electrons, they are in us - literally. The atoms are in us -for real! The molecules are in us and the macromolecules are in us. The single cellular structures in our microbiome and bacteria and multicellular constructions, the early organisms and all the capacities of the vascular systems and the endocrine and respiratory and lymphatic systems - they are all in us. All of the enzymes and the DNA chains made up of protein cells and amino acids, all of it, all of it was in the seas and all of that is in the heavens and all of it - quite literally - is in you and in me and in us at this very moment.

All of it in particular configurations and forms, configurations of intimacy and configurations of intimate coherence - in which in every second separate parts are coming together perfectly - in a perfect explosion of activated symmetry, cacophonies coherence, fantastically complex symphonies of perfected consciousness, coming together as wholes synergistically greater then the sum of all their parts. All of it is literally constituting you in this very second.

Everything I just described is not a movie. It’s not some image of some future heaven. It’s literally that which lives and exists and breathes as you in this moment.

In that first moment of the Big Bang all of the future power, promise, and potential was available, it’s available in us, as us and through us right now.

Our intention is to actually realize our truth as evolution. We realize that we literally are evolution awakening to itself in us, as us and through us. The larger intelligence, the entelechy of Evolution, to say it more deeply, was always awake. The awakening to conscious evolution is rather the realization in us, that we are evolution. We are evolution awakening to itself. As my beloved Wholemate Barbara Marx Hubbard and I used to say in the six intense years we worked together: "we are each unique configurations of Evolutionary Love, each of us is Love in Action. Each one of us is a leading edge expression of the Evolutionary Impulse to greater consciousness, freedom, order and intimacy”.

We are love awakening to its flourishing. Not ordinary love, not love which is a pallid expression of an egocentric concern, but actually the very Outrageous Love itself that pulses and beats as the heart of Kosmos, the One Heart and the One Love that animates everything in every second, which is all intertwined with everything else, because nothing exists independently of everything. That is who you are in this very second.

All of that lives in you and lives in me and lives in our “We” and lives in the space between us.

Not to realize this is - quite literally - to be a zombie, asleep, lost in the slumber of superficiality, ennui and boredom beyond imagination. To be a side effect in your own life, alienated from your core, your true nature, your Beauty, Truth, Goodness and Power.

As my dear friend and partner Shareef reflected back to me this realization after we had studied for almost two intense years.

It’s not true that we can do everything that’s possible to do. We can even do that which is impossible to do.

Even the impossible becomes possible, when we realize that the full weight, the full gravitas of our infinite attention, is breathing and pulsing as us towards the healing and transformation of Kosmos.

Kosmos intends as us to come home to itself, to come to a place...

  • Where every child awakens and knows there’s food on the table.

  • Where every child awakens and knows that her unique gift and her unique presence is profoundly desired by All-That-Is.

  • Where every child wakens and knows that she is profoundly needed by All-That-Is.

  • Where every human being has the experience of being madly honored, desired and needed by Kosmos.

  • Where every human being pours the full gorgeousness of their contribution and their gift into the all and for the sake of the all.

  • Where we expand and include every animal and we include all of the plant life and we include the Earth herself in our circle of intimacy.

  • Where we begin to generate a Kosmos of Beauty and Pleasure and Goodness and Truth and Depth that shocks God into shudders of unrealized ecstasy and self recognition.

  • Where Divinity screams her own name crying out “Yes, yes, yes, this was my intention. You are me and I am you and together we are Goodness itself, we are Beauty itself, we are Truth itself.”

Our intention at this moment as we stand poised between Utopia and dystopia - in this moment before the next great unfolding of evolution is to realize our identity as unique configurations of Evolutionary Love, Unique Selves coming together in Unique Self Symphony, taking responsibility for the Evolution of the Source Code, for the articulation of a New Story woven from First Principles and First Values, that can and must serve as a Global Ethos for a Global Civilization.

That and only that is going to take us through this 11th hour of humanity. This is how we’re going to turn fate into destiny, this is how we’re going to turn deserts into blooming fields, this is how we’re going to turn desperation into Divine rapture, this is how we’re going to turn that which is broken into that which is open and whole in a way that it’s never been before.

We’re ready to play a larger game. We’re ready to take responsibility for the whole thing. Because we started the whole thing. Where were you at the moment of the Big Bang. You were there. It was you, it was us, we did this. Who else could have done it. And it is ours to heal and evolve.

We are ready to surrender and we are ready to take our power in the same moment, because the greatest surrender is the surrender to the depth of my power.

We can’t do it alone.

In this clip below Dr. Marc Gafni will take you on a deep experience of what it means to not do it alone, what it means to know that I’m not alone in the Kosmos, what it means to know that ultimately we’re always holding hands and we’re holding hands in the biggest, deepest and most profoundly true way possible.

Gift yourself with the profound experience of moving from being 'systematically misrecognized,' to the experience of being tapped on the shoulder by Divinity - the Infinity of Intimacy - and to actually know that you’re personally addressed by the Infinite Personhood of Kosmos, by the Infinity of Intimacy that knows your name and is madly delighted to see you and to recognize you.

In that moment all of the pain and all of the trauma and all of the contraction and all of the loneliness of being systematically misrecognized evaporates and we fall into the arms of She.

Dr. Marc Gafni where our mission is to articulate a New Story for a New Humanity. Watch the featured clip of this episode below.

This blogpost is a direct quotation from Dr. Marc Gafni from episode 214 of One Mountain, Many Paths from our weekly Live Global Communion Service on Sunday at 10 am PT.

At One Mountain, Many Paths it is our mission is to articulate a New Story for a New Humanity. Watch the featured clip of this episode below.

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Receive a deeper transmission of this experience of being 'Tapped on the Shoulder' by the Personhood of Kosmos by listening to this featured clip below.



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