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The Murder of Eros and Healing the Split Between Love and Power

This is a raw transcript from our weekly broadcast of One Communion: Many Paths, One Mountain. It speaks about the Murder of Eros and healing the split between Love and Power.

"Radical Aliveness is life. We yearn for life. But when we are deadened, we move to kill life as a short-cut to genuine aliveness.

The 'Murder of Eros' is the murder of life force. That desire to murder life force comes from our own failure to experience our own aliveness. The Murder of Eros is sourced in the failure of Eros.

What drives the murder of Eros, is the notion that 'the person I am socially or energetically murdering, that the person has Eros aliveness that I don't have, that person has Eros that I don't have.'

The Murder of Eros is a form of Evil. Evil is 'live' spelled backwards. The failure of aliveness turns into evil.

The murder of Eros almost always deploys the tool of malice. 'If I don't destroy that person, then somehow in a fundamental way I will not be alive in the world.'

We cannot become Homo Amor until we transcend the impulse to Murder Eros. To transcend the impulse we must first fearlessly recognize it.

Can you find in yourself that place where you murder Eros?

Let us make a commitment together to stop murdering Eros and celebrate each other. The opposite of the Murder of Eros is the celebration of Eros. To be in devotion to each others unique greatness.

We take responsibility for the Eros of our Unique Self, when we feel the unique quality of the Outrageous Love moving through us. 'When I claim my place as 'LovePower' and know that my 'LovePower' is different than yours - not as a superficial psychological move - but I actually claim the quality of Amor moving through me. When I get through my contractions and blocks, and realize that actually Divinity lives inside of me, then I come fully alive. Then I am a person who can be trusted.'

'I become ultimate Love and ultimate Power merged together into a higher expression - what we are calling LovePower - and I want to participate in the Evolution of Consciousness.'

We are each a unique expression of LovePower. We are each a unique force of Love unlike any other.

We are evolution. To be evolution we have to feel the full power of the evolutionary impulse.

Feeling the evolutionary impulse is where Love and Power come together, that is LovePower. The old binary split between Love and Power is a false split. The Power of Love and the Love of Power are the same.

There is a place for everybody around the table. We all have equal fundamental value - but equality does not imply a leveling of distinctions or unique gifts and qualities. Rather we are called by She to live from the celebration of the unique configuration of Eros that we are and we take up our unique instrument and play our instrument in the Unique Self Symphony."

- Dr. Marc Gafni in episode 208 of One Communion: Many Paths, One Mountain, where our mission is to articulate a New Story for a New Humanity. Watch the featured clip of this episode below.

This blogpost is a direct quotation from Dr. Marc Gafni from our weekly Live Global Communion Service on Sunday at 10 am PT.

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