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Transcending Loneliness by Knowing Your 'Soul Print Box'

This is a raw transcript from this past week at One Communion: it speaks about what it means to be witnessed, and to witness each other opening up a revolutionary political path from loneliness to loving.

"We all have a box. In that box is our stuff. This is not a psychological construct. This is the nature of reality. In that box is our stuff. It’s the song that only we can write. It’s the dream that’s unlived. It’s the wound that’s untransformed. It’s the greatness that hasn’t been witnessed. It’s the way of loving and living and laughing and it’s the hidden story and it’s the gorgeousness and it’s what we think is the ugliness. It’s all the stuff that’s in the box of what we might call our Soul Print. It’s like a fingerprint. It’s this indelibly etched individuation, but it’s not your Separate Self. It’s your individuation beyond ego. Reality seeks uniqueness from the very beginning. One of the plotlines of reality is uniqueness. Every galaxy is unique and every stage of reality, every particle is unique. The way two particles come together is always unique.

This stuff that’s mine, my un-lived life and my lived life, my un-witnessed life and all of the pain and all of the joy, my holy and my broken hallelujah, that’s all in my Soul Print box, and we look for someone to receive it, and we’re lonely until it’s received.

Photography by Kristina Amelong
Photography by Kristina Amelong

Loneliness stems from three places. First, we can’t find a receiver. There’s no one to receive our box. Second, we don’t know how to share, how to tell our story, but that’s not really the core.

The core of loneliness is really that we are not sure what’s in our box, because in our box is not just the meeting between soul mates of our trauma and our wounds. That’s just one piece. It’s not just to be a soul mate together. It’s to be what we call a whole mate. It’s our vision. It’s our unique gift. It’s our unique way of being and becoming. It’s all of us showing up in full Eros in the world and making the contribution that’s ours and ours alone to make. It’s realizing reality needs your service, reality needs your gift, reality desperately needs the intimate chords of your gift in the Unique Self symphony.

That’s what it means to transcend loneliness. It’s to know what’s in your Soul Print box and to stand for it and to reclaim the dream.

How many of us have a dream about ourselves that’s been lost, a dream of what we thought we would be, what we thought our lives would look like, how we thought we’d give our gift and it didn’t quite happen that way and somehow our fate didn’t organize it that way?

So this is the moment to reclaim that dream. This is the moment to turn fate into destiny. Not as a psychological construct, not as some kind of superficial moment of soothing or self-soothing. That’s valid and that’s good, but it’s so much more than that. Reality is alive in you. You are/I am evolution in person. Your reclaiming of your dream is reality’s reclaiming of a dimension of its dream that can only be alive through you and your reclaiming of your capacity to give your gift. It might look different than you thought it did. It might look different, that’s true. It doesn’t look like the way we thought it did.

When we celebrate each other, when we witness each other in celebration, when we liberate each other from loneliness, when we receive each other’s Soul Print boxes,

That is the vision of the future. The vision of the future is when every story is worth telling and every story needs to be received and every story needs to be witnessed and every story needs to be celebrated and no one’s left out of the circle.

That’s what First Principles are about. That’s the revolution. That’s the heart of the revolution. That’s what intimacy means. Intimacy means I am seen, I am recognized, I am desired, I am needed, I am celebrated.

The universe needs our individuality. We need your individuation. We need the glory of your story. We need the infinite shimmering beauty that’s you, that’s reality having a you experience. It’s your responsibility, it’s your absolute obligation to live your story all the way. It’s your absolute obligation to play your instrument in the Unique Self Symphony, but it’s not an obligation imposed by a government, it’s not imposed by a teacher, it’s imposed by the very structure of reality itself, awake and alive in you.

So if I could say something personally, I witness you, I celebrate you. Let’s say it to each other. I witness you. I celebrate you. I witness you. I celebrate you. First Principles: I witness you, I celebrate you, I liberate you from loneliness.

The movement from loneliness to loving is the basic driving movement of all of reality. Amen."

This blogpost is a direct quotation from Dr. Marc Gafni from our weekly Live Global Communion Service on Sunday at 10 am PT.

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Receive a deeper transmission of this First Principle by listening to this featured clip, where Dr. Marc Gafni explains the source of this First Principle, merging evolutionary science with an original ancient text: Genesis 2 :"it is not good for the human being to be lonely".



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