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Emergence: Called by My Future Self

This is a raw transcript of our weekly broadcast of One Mountain, Many Paths. Dr. Marc Gafni shares a formula to feel into your unique gift and unique call that comes from the future.

"We’re here at a revolutionary moment in time - a moment in time unlike any other in previous human history - in which we’re poised between a potential utopia and a potential dystopia: the loss of the entire future.

Modernity and hypermodernity has taken us to a point, unlike the Renaissance, in which two things are true: we have a global civilization and the technology of that global civilization is exponential. Every previous civilization has fallen and we have not fixed the fatal flaws that causes their downfall.

If we do not shift course then the inexorable logic of history will cause our civilization to self terminate.

If our civilization fails, it fails globally and because of our exponential power cause the sixth mass extinction, the end of humanity as we know it.

If our civilization falls, it falls exponentially, meaning the capacity of destruction actually destroys the future.

But we do not have to fail. We can rise to heights of possibility - possibility for Goodness, Truth and Beauty that defy imagination! To change we must evolve the Source Code or our global exponential civilization.

Only a new story changes civilization.

Only a new story evolves the source code.

Only a new story activates a New Human and a New Humanity. The new story can’t be conjecture, it can’t be fanciful, it can’t be made up, it can’t be contrived. Rather a new story has to be based on First Principles and First Values that are shared, that are universal, that live inside of us, that live in - and are interior to - the core structure of Kosmos itself.

We think and feel in stories. Story is our first portal to deep knowing and to understanding reality. We are here at this time between stories, this time between worlds, to perform the greatest act of effective altruism possible. The most effective altruism alleviates the most suffering. For us [like for Da Vinci at the time between stories in the Renaissance in response to the black plague and the collapse of the traditional world view] the most effective altruism to alleviate the most suffering is to tell a new story that evolves the very Source Code of consciousness and culture which is the Evolution of Love.

There is a narrative arc to Kosmos. There’s a story in Kosmos. Science used to view Kosmos as a random action, denying any narrative structure to Kosmos. Religion in its own way viewed the world story as the story to transcend into heaven. That is beginning to shift. The new story is emerging.

Science at its leading edge and religion at its leading edge are stepping out of their old positions and articulating this narrative arc to Kosmos. Story is an unbelievably important structure and story holds value. Let me say it again. First Principles and First Values are the fabric of a new story that becomes the ground for a global ethos for a global civilization.

It's the Call of the Future that makes us want to stay.

As we have discussed last week [click here for the summary and clip], it is not enough to go into the fullness of the present, which is Enlightenment science. It is not enough to be reworking the trauma of the past, which is Psychology science.

We need to step into the science of the Future, emergence science. At the core of emergence science is the memory of the future calling us the next level of our Beauty, Goodness and Truth - without which we cannot survive or thrive. This is the creative advance of noble novelty, evolution calling us into the higher and deeper version of ourselves.

Emergence is the experience of synergy - synergy is the experience that something new emerges - a new whole, which is greater than the sum of all the previous parts.

Emergence is the call of the future. It was Whitehead who reminded us that Reality has three core properties. There’s the one, there’s the many and there’s the creative advance of novelty. Novelty is the call of the future.

Depression comes from an inability to hear the call of the future.

If we lose connection to the future, we depress our own life energy and the energy of the collective. If we sense there is no future, we collapse. Suicide and depression are rising all over the world. Depression is actually the fastest growing disease.

If you want to understand why suicide is rampant, it’s because we’ve lost First Values and First Principles. There’s no sense that my future is intrinsically meaningful. I’ve already done it all. I just keep repeating the same pattern again and again and again. The fault lines of futility pattern my life. And we know that the etiology of depression is futility and the etiology of suicide is depression.

Depression comes from an inability to hear the call of the future. That is to say that the future needs something from me, there’s a memory of my future and there’s actually a gift that I have to give.

It is your unique self which is the sensory organ that is attuned to the call of your future self.

The way I hear the call of the future is through my Unique Self and my Evolutionary Unique Self. Unique Self is a sensory organ that allows me to hear the call of the future.

We were born at this time because we’ve got something to do here. Virtually everyone reading this has, either directly or indirectly, a level of capacity, a level of gift, a level of contribution. However our contribution is often different than we think it is.

A formula to feel into your unique gift and your unique call that comes from the future.

There are three questions to ask yourself to access your Unique Self contribution:

1. What are you good at?

2. What do you love doing?

3. What is most needed?

In different generations there’s different weight to each of the three. Sometimes what you're good at has more weight, other times what you love has more weight. Weight means heavy, as in that is a heavy and important thing, it has gravitas. In this generation the last question 'What is most needed' has the most gravitas.

We were born at this time because we’ve got something to do here. Our lives are extraordinary. We are the body of the revolution. The Future burns in us.

We come together as this band of Outrageous Lovers. We’re not doing it solely for our personal satisfaction. We’re not even doing it for our personal development. We’re doing it because we’re taking responsibility for the whole thing. It is our greatest responsibility. And it is also our greatest joy.

We are the voice of the future.

We are the people the future has been waiting for.

We’re taking responsibility to change the Source Code, to articulate First Values and First Principles, a New Story for a New Humanity.

First Practice: Write An Outrageous Love Letter To Your Future Self

In this special clip below, Dr. Marc Gafni guides us into a magical First Practice of writing an Outrageous Love Letter to and from our Future Self.

This blogpost is almost all direct quotes from Dr. Marc Gafni collected from the raw transcript of the featured clip below, which is created from the free weekly broadcast of One Mountain, Many Paths, happening live every Sunday at 10 am PT.

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Receive a deeper transmission of the First Principle and First Value of Future Self, and a First Practice of being called by your Future Self by listening to these featured clips below.



Called by My Future Self

Extra Featured Clip

The Practice of Being Called by Your Future Self


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