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In Every Moment the Intimate Universe Whispers, “You Are Welcome”

This is an almost unedited and unplugged version of Dr. Gafni’s conversation from the previous weeks of One Mountain, Many Paths broadcast. Thus, the style of the piece is the spoken word and not a formal essay. Dr. Marc Gafni invites the realization of Outrageous Love that welcomes you to the Intimate Universe of One World, One Breath, One Love.

There's only one question we need to answer. Are we welcome in the Universe? Is there a welcome sign? A welcome home sign posted over our lives? When we say thank you, does the universe say you're welcome? That is the only question we ever need to ask.

And the answer is Yes. We can’t welcome each other unless we know that we are welcome in the Kosmos. If there's not a welcome sign hung over the Kosmos as a whole, there's no welcome sign over your life.

It's only the realization that we live in an Amorous Kosmos that makes us WELCOME.

It's only the realization that Reality is not a fact, it's a story. that makes us WELCOME.

It’s only the realization that reality is not an ordinary story; Reality is an Outrageous Love Story, that makes us WELCOME.

It’s only the realization that our love story, my love story, is Chapter and Verse in the Universe: A Love Story, that makes us WELCOME.

Our personal love story is not separate or dissociated from the larger text which is the great love story of Reality. The great love story of Reality is not a New Age tinsel story, that bypasses the agony. It is all of the agony and all of the ecstasy.

It doesn’t matter which you heard. There’s a blaze of light in every word. The Holy and the Broken Hallelujah.

It’s not just about placing our attention on the positive. We can never turn away from suffering. We have to put our attention on the joy and on the suffering, on the Outrageous Beauty and on the Outrageous Pain.

We can never turn away. We can sometimes step forward; we can sometimes step back, but we never turn away.

We are appropriately shocked by evil. But it's only because there's a “Welcome Home sign” on the Universe, that we are shocked by evil. Evil is a failure of intimacy. We can only scream it's not fair in a Universe in which Fairness, Justice, Integrity, and Harmony is the ground of Reality. But if those qualities are not the ground of Reality, then the notions of unfairness, violation or evil simply make no sense. Evil only makes sense because it's “live” spelled backwards. It's a violation of the basic life principles of Kosmos.

So when we say that our love story is Chapter and Verse in The Universe: A Love Story, what we mean is that there's a Welcome Home sign on the Kosmos.

When someone says to us, thank you, what do we say? You're welcome.

If we don't hear you're welcome, then we're devastated; we're destroyed, because there's no genuine space of love between us. Then everything is a manipulation or an accumulated debt or credit. The exchange of “thank you” and “you’re welcome” is not about accumulating a debt or about manipulation. It’s not an “I- it” exchange, as Martin Buber said. It is “You’re welcome.” Welcome. And whenever there's the word “welcome,” there's also the word “home.”

Welcome Home.

Unless there is a Welcome Home sign in the Kosmos, we can't welcome someone into our home. We can't say welcome in an authentic way, that is not somehow manipulative, that is not somehow a violation of integrity, part of a game theoretic dynamic or part of an “I-it” plan, unless there is a Welcome Home sign in the Kosmos.

All pathology in the world, all acting out, all crime, all violation comes from the part of us that doesn't feel welcome.

There's no one outside the circle. It's not my vaccine or your vaccine. It's not my country or your country. Yes, there are circles of intimacy. Yes, there are people that we’re closer to; we know that. But ultimately, we have to move from ethnocentric intimacy to world-centric intimacy, to Kosmocentric intimacy.

One Love, One World, in which everyone is WELCOME.

We are here to be the revolution. We are here to articulate the new Source Code. We are here to tell the New Story. We are here to participate in the evolution of culture and consciousness, which is the evolution of love.

In Every Moment the Intimate Universe Whispers, “You Are Welcome”


If There Is Covid in India, There Is Covid in Manhattan: One Breath, One World, One Love

Covid is not over. Covid is raging all over the world. If there's Covid in Bangladesh, there's Covid in Manhattan. If there's Covid in any place in the world, there's Covid in my home. If there's Covid in your country, there's Covid in my country.

We are One Breath.

We are One World.

We are One Heart.

We are One Love.

We are One World.

This is true existentially, emotionally and spiritually, but this is also true practically. If there's Covid in the world, there's Covid in our homes. Viruses don't honor ethnocentric boundaries.

Covid is not over. We're in the middle of Covid, literally in the middle of it now.

We need to do more and more, not because we're being charitable or being nice, but because that's the integrity of One World, One Breath, One Heart, One Love.

And we need to not just address Covid now, but all of the Covids that await us if we do not love them open.

If we don't actually create a world in which everyone has access to clean drinking water and healthy food, where everyone has access to a genuine education and to shared values, then we’ll have a world in which Covid will look like child's play.

We need to move from ethnocentric to world-centric consciousness. in which we care for every human being. No one's left out of the circle. And then we need to move from world-centric to Kosmocentric consciousness. That means for example we need to care for every animal. That means that we cannot torture lambs in factory farms all over the Western world, so we can eat lamb chops. That means we cannot allow animals to be brutally slaughtered in front of its children, in wet markets. Those markets were part of what created the channel in which Covid jumped from the animal world to the human world and directly generated Covid. We must not only care for, we must open up to love and care for every one of those animals.

But we can not move to Kosmocentric Intimacy, unless we realize that we live in an Amorous Kosmos. In every moment the Intimate Universe whispers, “You Are Welcome”

[This blogpost is almost all direct quotes from Dr. Marc Gafni collected from the raw transcript of the featured clip below, which is created from the free weekly broadcast of One Mountain, Many Paths, happening live every Sunday at 10 am PT]

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If There Is Covid in India, There Is Covid in Manhattan: One Breath, One World, One Love


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