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Reality Is Calling Your Name

This is a raw transcript of our weekly broadcast of One Mountain, Many Paths. Dr. Marc Gafni explores the experience of "Vocational Arousal" as the feeling of being called by your Future Self.

"We are here together for the revolution that is the initiation of a New Human and a New Humanity, the fulfillment of homo sapiens in Homo Amor.

One of the qualities of Homo Amor that we talked about in the last two weeks is that Homo Amor is called by the future.

The experience of the “Call” is a fundamental experience of Homo Amor. It is the experience of being personally addressed by All That Is.

Falling In Love With Your Call

When do we feel in our lives personally addressed by All That Is?

When we fall in love. When you fall in love, you feel like the Kosmos is personally addressing you, through your beloved.

That is the experience of being called. However when you feel called, it is not just the experience that one person is falling in love with you; it is the experience that ALL OF REALITY is falling in love with you.

It is not just that you are falling in love with one person - which is gorgeous and beautiful -, but you are actually falling in love with your CALL and through it with All of Reality.

Vocation Is The Experience of Being Called

When we say "your call," we are not talking about "work," we are talking about vocation. “Vocation” comes from the Latin word vocare (voice). It is the experience of being called in which you find voice. Literally to be alive is to experience the fact of the call, the fact of vocare. "Vocational Arousal" is the feeling that you are called, not only for yourself and your own gain, but by a greater impulse within you. When that impulse turns on, you get excited, animated, aroused. It is the knowing that my voice is part of the Divine Voice. My Unique voice sings a note in the melody of Divinity. I am urgently needed for this melody by All of Reality.

Learning to discern the language of the call is the first step of awakening to Homo Amor. The second step is answering the call. When I answer the call, I actually experience Reality being madly in love with me. To be called is to be personally addressed and needed by all that is. It is the source of all joy, Eros, and integrity.

Rejecting our grandiosity, embracing our grandeur.

It’s not grandiosity. Psychology denied our grandeur and in doing so, created most of the complexes and neuroses and psychoses that it seeks to heal. Therapy is obviously a very important structure, but within too much of ego self therapy there is a denial of human grandeur.

When I’m called, it’s not just my "early stuff," it’s not just my grandiosity. Just like superficial versions of therapy moves to reduce fantasy to merely your early conditioning, it also moves to reduce your experience of being called to your delusions of grandeur: Rather your experience of being called discloses the depth of your sacred imagination and your clarified call is the truest index of your real situation.

You’re actually playing out, in your imagination and in your call, the mythic invitation of your mythic life which is the true nature of your reality. It is your true grandeur. Your grandeur - your greatness - is the deepest disclosure of the authentic drama of your destiny. That’s actually who you are.

The human being is the messenger of God. That’s what we mean when we say, “I am evolution.” I’m called by the LoveIntelligence of the Kosmos to be the messenger of God. There’s nothing more tragic than to be a messenger who has forgotten Her message. But it is even more that that...

You ARE the message!

The deepest knowing is that my Unique Self, my soul’s code, my body’s knowing is the message. The message and the messenger are one.

Reality Is Calling Your Name

Reality calls you. The most important evolutionary truth we need to know - as we’re trying to enact and to become the New Human and the New Humanity - is that I am not only a Separate Self person. I am the discretion of infinity in a point of consciousness, which is reality speaking through me, being me, or, said differently, reality calling my name.

The world itself is off tune, is non-resonant, if I’m not playing my instrument in the great symphony of reality. My note in the symphony is desperately necessary for the Unique Self Symphony and so reality wants to be harmonic. Reality wants to be melodic. Reality wants to sing the music of the spheres, but reality cannot do that unless She calls to me. Reality needs me to make her music.

Reality says, “I love you madly. Will you play with me, will you sing with me, please? Without you, I can’t sing. I’m off tune without you.”

We are - quite literally - the love symphony of Kosmos.

The experience of being called is the experience of reality falling madly in love with us.

This blogpost is almost all direct quotes from Dr. Marc Gafni collected from the raw transcript of the featured clip below, which is created from the free weekly broadcast of One Mountain, Many Paths, happening live every Sunday at 10 am PT.

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Reality Is Calling Your Name


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