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Part 2 Including and Transcending: From Biological Family to Soul Root Evolutionary Family

This is a raw transcript of our weekly broadcast of One Mountain, Many Paths. Dr. Marc Gafni defines "Evolutionary Soul Root Family" creating Unique Self Symphony which is the next stage of the self-organizing Universe.

The core of the Universe Story is the following: Reality is the progressive deepening of intimacies. Reality is evolution, reality is relationship, reality is intimacy, and reality is the evolution of intimacy.

Today, we’re focusing on one dimension of the evolution of intimacy, which is the evolution from biological family to Evolutionary Family or Soul Root Family. As we discussed last week, biological family is important and we are committed to love and honor our biological family.

Biological family is not an accident. The allurement of Kosmos caused a series of relationships for generations, which created the conditions and the genetic structures and the interior genetic structures that manifested you in a particular place, in a particular time, to a particular family. That’s the precise set of conditions you need to emerge and manifest your Unique Self and your Unique Gift and your Unique Transformation. You’ve got an intrinsic relationship with that family, which demands loyalty, which demands respect. Respect. This deep honoring of family.

But all healthy evolution transcends and includes that which came before. You negate the limitation of the old structure of consciousness, but you preserve the best and then you transcend - you add something undeniable new. That’s the movement of evolution. That’s development. The distinction between biological family and Evolutionary Soul Root Family is part of the movement of Kosmos, which moves towards the Evolution of Love.

We’re not going to be able to respond to existential risk without making this momentous leap in the Evolution of Intimacy, which includes biological family all the way but transcends into Evolutionary Soul Root Family.

So this week we talk a little more about what we actually mean by Evolutionary Soul Root Family.

What do we mean by Soul Root Family?

A soul root is a very particular idea with very deep grounding in the great interior science traditions. Soul root means that we are essentially innately connected because we come from the same soul root.

The Divine Body

In the mystical traditions, in the interior sciences, every soul is a unique quality of interiority that lives beyond this world. Every soul is a unique quality of human interiority, which is expressed in mystical language as every soul coming from a different place on the divine body.

In this divine body there are souls that come from the head, and souls from the heart, and souls that come from the pelvis, and souls from the ankles.

That’s not a superstitious image, it’s a mythic image. It exists in different forms in many of the great lineage traditions - there are different soul groups.

Each of us is related to a certain soul group. When we meet each other, there’s a recognition between us. There’s a comfort level. We feel at home with each other.

We've incarnated together before

What is often the case with my Soul Root Family is that we’ve been around before. We have history. We’ve incarnated together before.

When I mention reincarnation, I don’t mention that as a “Woo-Woo idea.” I mention reincarnation having done a decade of very intensive, empirical research into the evidence we have today on reincarnation, which is overwhelming. Reincarnation is very clearly a dimension of reality. It’s not over when it’s over.

There’s a certain essence, there’s a certain continuity of Unique Self consciousness, that’s transmitted through the generations. There is a continuity to the story of my life through generations.

The reason we feel so drawn to each other and the reason we feel comfortable in each other’s presence - at home, and provoked by each other in sometimes very profound ways - is because we’ve been together before. This is not our first conversation. This is not our first rodeo. We’ve all been together before and we’ll all be together again. And how we’re together in this life times will chart our future lives.

That’s why there are certain completions that we owe each other. When we are part of the same soul group we have what I call Unique Self Encounters.

Part of a Unique Self encounter means there’s unfinished business between us. We have to give each other a dimension of respect and a dimension of integrity and a dimension of love and a dimension of engagement in this lifetime in order to complete that which was incomplete in previous lifetimes.

So Soul Root Family means that we have history. We have a debt to each other in a very deep and beautiful and real way. We’re part of an ongoing story. This is not the first chapter; we’re right in the middle.

Part of our particular Soul Root Family is that we’re committed to revolution

Part of our place in the world, is that we’re actually a group of revolutionaries. That is the quality of our Soul Root Family.

Imagine an army unit forced to make war. They come together with a level of loyalty and a level of commitment and a level of grace. They’ve got each other’s back in every way. They share in every way. All the old social status issues are erased in a foxhole.

We have some of that energy, but we’re not going to make war, we’re not going to kill – we’re going to give life.

We’re are committing to ACTUALIZE the highest peace and the highest harmony that the world can be.

We’re going to create together a Unique Self Symphony and we need each other’s instrument because we’re a Soul Root Family.

That quality of being what we call in the dharma "Whole Mates” - who come together for the sake of the whole -, that quality of communion that comes from participating together in the Evolutionary Impulse- that quality has a feeling of Eros that is unlike anything else. That quality of Eros and intimacy that comes from sharing a vision, looking at the same horizon, being committed to the same revolution, feeling the same suffering and Outrageous Pain, being committed to the same Outrageous Love, holding hands together, knowing that we need each other’s instrument in the Unique Self Symphony, hearing each other’s instrument – all of that creates a loyalty between us and integrity that’s unimaginable. We’re at home. We’re a family that’s committed to a revolution. We stand for each other as "familia" in that deep sense of profound intimacy. We’re willing to put everything on the line for each other.

That’s what it means to show up. That’s what it means to create Evolutionary Intimacy. This is the way we’re going to actually create the Unique Self Symphony, which is the next stage of the self-organizing universe.

So if you’re up for it at the beginning of this New Year, 2021, as we go to actually Evolve the Source Code, as we stand between utopia and dystopia and tell the New Story [and we can only do that if we show up for each other as Evolutionary Soul Root Family].. We look at each other and we say:

I will not be written in the book of life without you.

That’s a big risk, but it’s beautiful and it’s the essence of who we are. That’s what it means to be a band of Outrageous Lovers.

Welcome Home.

- Dr. Marc Gafni [This blogpost is almost all direct quotes from Dr. Marc Gafni collected from the raw transcript of the featured clip below, which is created from the free weekly broadcast of One Mountain, Many Paths, happening live every Sunday at 10 am PT]

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Part 2 Including and Transcending: From Biological Family to Soul Root Evolutionary Family


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